All that I am and all I still could be

                                        I think I’ve finally finished this piece ready for casting next week.I borrowed the title from my sister Sofia, who used it to title two abstract paintings she exhibited in the summer. It made me think about how much potential there is in everyone. Now here is a quandry…..

I really dislike ‘closed’ thinking in people…the idea that it’s too late to become anyone different or new. The awful idea that you are who you are, so there’s no point in trying harder. I think we can confine ourselves with self imposed limitations that only exist within our own minds. Everybody is constantly changing and it’s never too late to become somebody  different….the essence will always remain. I found myself writing this line in my sketchbook “But for myself I could be great ”

But then also wouldn’t it be nice to stop and think maybe I’m already there and I’m already great.That this hour and this day is all there ever needs to be. I wonder if we ever know what it feels like to arrive, or do we all die trying to get somewhere else……..ideas of equanimity arise again.

I wrote this poem the other day which I think ties in with the same theme of human potential…though it’s not very positive….and it’s not how i feel about my own life…but there might be something in it.

  • Like a foolish understudy
  • The waiting of years
  • began to break.
  • Fenced and gated.
  • Remembering a song.
  • Lines etched patiently
  • like ploughed fields
  • against the sky.
  • Over and over
  • to show they still are.
  • But it was never going to come
  • that night of wonder.
  • The hour of glass and light.
  • The essence of his hope.

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