Anchor / Bird

This piece was inspired by the idea of polarity;the relation between opposed entities. It can be turned upside down and then the bird like form becomes an anchor. I became interested in the idea of balance between a dreamlike freedom and the need for stability and anchors in life. The idea that responsibility grounds you and is necessary, though the need to experience some personal freedom is also important. It also led me to think about the rise and fall of life and about spending time in the ‘tower’ and the ‘pit’……most of us visit both places at some point in our lives.

One other thought arose from this piece and that is the idea of lying on the ground and looking up at the evanescent beauty of the stars in the sky at the approach of dawn……..and as they pass out of sight, thinking about the starfish at the bottom of a dark ocean. The stars in the sky represent dreams and aspirations….the stars at the bottom of the ocean are real and tangible…..fantasy projections¬† and reality. Again it’s keeping a balance between the two. Well these are just some ideas that I had that I thought might shed some light on the piece.

It is a limited ed.of 25 cast in Crystacast plaster and available for £250.

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