Sculpting a Room at the Icehotel 2017

I’m very excited to be heading back to the Icehotel in Jukasjarvi next week to sculpt my room ‘Wandering Cloud’. I will be there till the middle of December creating this cloud sculpture from a preformed block of compacted snow , roughly 4m x 5m. It will be housed in a room 6.5m x 4.5 and the bed will be concealed within it’s structure. It will also sit on ice blocks that will house all the lighting – so hopefully it will appear to float.

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Icehotel – Jukkasjarvi

In December 2016 I created a room at the Icehotel in Swedish Lapland. It took two weeks to complete in temperatures ranging from -2 to -30. The room is called ‘Sleeping Inside a Thought’ and is a surreal look at literally climbing inside a thought. I used five blocks of ice that weighed 2 tons each, and the rest was carved from snow.

photo: Asaf Kliger

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Christmas Show coming up!

I am showing some small pieces in a group show at ‘The Old School House’, Tincleton this November… Will post the details shortly…

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Sculpture Show

I have a show coming up…’Imaginary Friends’  A joint venture with the up and coming almost famous artist ‘Katarina Rose’

Eype centre for the Arts

August 16th – 29th…11am – 6pm

Private View Friday August 15th from 6-9pm.

There will be singing from ‘The splinters’ at 7pm, and wine, and lots of art

Hope to see you all there….

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I am the Hero

It was around p.75, halfway through the book, when he felt the first words start to touch his world. It should have happened before, and when he thought about it there was a faint knocking days earlier, but he’d always been of a cautious nature. He grew up under the watchful eyes of the big ‘I AM’ and knew where to sit to feel comfortable.

For all of the life that he could remember, and right up to p.75 he quite liked feeling comfortable.

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Kiruna Snow Festival January 2014

What an amazing experience to be back in the arctic for a few days.Me and my team mate Kate Munro finished our sculpture and were awarded the ‘public vote’ which was great as they will be living with the sculpture for several months before the first thaws of spring.

The light and space were so inspiring for me and I already miss that cold empty silence that the mountains bring.

We visited the ice hotel in Jukkasjarvi and had a celebratory drink in the ice bar…also got particularly inspired by a wonderful room designed by two french men and based on the rooftops of Paris.

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Snow Carving Tools!

Both me and my Snow Carving Team mate Kate have taken to lining up our tools and photographing them. I’ve never done something so particular….always thought I might be a man trapped in a female body…now this proves it. So these are the tools that we shall attempt to transform a 3 metre cube of compressed snow with. The competition is in Kiruna, Lapland and runs from 22nd Jan to the 25th. I expect there will be some internet coverage and I’m going to try to post some pictures but it might have to be when I return.

We have 3 days to finish it and plan to sculpt an oak leaf. I found inspiration from the phrase ‘Great oaks from little acorns grow’….keep thinking that all you need to do is take small steps and plant small seeds and then trust that life will do everything else. It’s going to be my motto for this year.

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Snow Carving in Sweden!

At last I am heading back to Lapland for the Swedish Open Snow Sculpting Competition at the end of January. I shall be competing with my very old sculpting friend  Kate Munro for the first time in ten years! We first began sculpting together as art students  about twenty years ago and I can’t wait to spend some time with her. We always have such an adventure when we sculpt together and I really love her spirit and determination. See her work ( it’s very inspiring.

I’m also hoping for some night sky watching….maybe Northern Lights?….who knows…but It’s really exciting and a long long time overdue.

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Latest Commission for La Bergerie de Terre Blanche

Here are my latest pieces in situ at the very wonderful property ‘La Bergerie de Terre Blanche, Tourettes, France.’ You can see more of the property on facebook.

I was fortunate to be able to site them myself and was able to see them standing (and sitting)in the landscape. It is a lovely peaceful setting for ‘Man of Roads’ and I hope that all the visitors to the property can enjoy a little respite sitting alongside him on the stone bench. I wonder if he’ll be talked to over the years?

 The ‘Eden’ pair seemed to have always meant to be there, too. It’s a strange feeling to leave my work behind me…what begins as a bag of cement and a collection of thoughts and feelings and ends as something so definite and solid….and there they are….. and I stop for a while to look…..then I’m already thinking about the next ones….

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Hello Katarina Rose

My Guest artist Katarina Rose is writing a collection of books centred around the heroic character of ‘Moltar’, the fortune telling mole. These are the 3-d illustrations for the books, and they each depict a particular anthropomorphic animal that has come to inhabit the field.

They are in sequence….

‘Lord Elgar’ is the budgie, who is a social climber and pathological liar. He claims to hail from Bainbridge Manor with a stirling education and refined palette…however it is highly likely that he comes from a Reading petshop.

‘Sholtar’ is the fake fortune teller, who thinks that if she looks just like ‘Moltar’ then she can somehow become a fortune teller herself. However the phrase ‘much in the window nothing in the room’ soon comes to describe this shrew and eventually she is forced to lead a more authentic life….as a flower arranger.

‘Vida’ is the squirrel artist who is unfortunately frenetic and very messy,but her heart is full of joy and she is one of the most entertaining creatures in the field. Her colours are everywhere and her thoughts always elsewhere…..she prefers to live alone as she believes, and she’s probably right, that no-one could live with her.

‘Medal Mouse’ is the egotistical mouse  who awards himself medals,trophies and cups for running around the field every morning and beating his own record. He cannot stop talking about himself and so sadly no-one stays in his home for any length of time.

‘The Great Pretender’ is a master of magic, levitation, hypnosis, escapology and all kinds of trickery.He visits the field once a year and disappears before anyone discovers who he really is, though some would say that if you get too close to him you will lose your own sense of self….the worst fate to befall anyone.

‘Moltar’ is a brave hero of a mole who battles a lifetime of mediocrity and conformity within the oppressively dull mole society…only to escape and live an extraordinary new life above ground. He helps all to discover their own  personal path to happiness and rarely feels any sense of personal loss at all…..he’s a wonderful creature.

‘Dr.Love’ is the doctor who collects all aspects of love to use as healing medicine for the sick and weak of mind…..but with an irrepressible evil streak that forces him to dish out poison from time to time. This continues for several years until he meets the seering eyes of moltar and begins to reform. There is another little piece to his lifes’ puzzle and that is that he begins to love and cherish Lord Elgars company more than he would like to admit.

‘Oshi’ is an albino mole who everyone thinks is a ghost…a victim of the power of the collective over the individual spirit, he spends his life as a depressed recluse. But one day he is spotted by moltar who knows immedietly that he is no ghost and his friendship alone transforms the life of oshi forever.

There will be about fifteen characters eventually…some in progress include ‘Rab’ the scottish rat who is best friends with Vida, and ‘Vermouth’ the creepy little tooth collector mouse who gets in and steals the teeth before the tooth fairy, and decorates his home with homemade tooth bunting…….children beware!

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