Sculpture Show Private View

A great big thankyou to everyone who made the effort to come to my Sculpture Show. It was so lovely to see so many familiar faces and lovely to meet new ones…..And hope you enjoyed seeing the work of my guest artist Katarina Rose.

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Come Healing

This piece happened accidentally….I was casting some hands to use as finger bowls for my private view and I happened to have a cast of ‘Unknown Man’ on the workbench.The two pieces rested on each other and there evolved a new idea.It’s titled after a Leonard Cohen song that also happened to be playing in my studio that day….I love the chance occurrences that change a day…and now it’s got me thinking about all sorts of possibilities.

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I AM….so am i

I’ve been working on some drawings and paintings for an exhibition in August. I love the potential for illusion that painting offers, compared with the great solid forms in sculpture.

The titles are;

Ancestors,   Seer, Tourist, Hero, Bond, Sage

The drawings are untitled at the moment…but i’m interested in creating  quite androgynous figures, and there was one particular female model that i liked for her masculine frame.

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Cement Self Portrait

I love the idea that a person can take one of two attitudes in life……to build or to plant.

A builder can take years to reach a point when the building stops,only to become entombed by his own walls.

A planter rarely rests and constantly has to endure the storms of the seasons…..but it allows life for the gardener to be a great adventure.

This isn’t my idea, it’s from Paulo Coelho …. very inspiring for me.

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Floating Man

Soft as an eyelash

you float on by,

Your wondering gaze meets with mine,

A little sigh,

Some colour.

Now I am at the foothills

And you own the sky.

A momentary passing

then you float on by

And you leave no shadow.

This is a plaster relief based on a kind of celestial being rather than a real human….Something that takes you to the foothills of where you need to be….a belief, a dream or an arrival of a future knowledge that is private and unique to each of us. I wrote the poem after the sculpture and hope it might add another dimension to the piece.




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                                      A mass of snow and ice falling, and sweeping all before it on a mountain side to the valley below.An overwhelming calamity.Something that is inevitable given the natural build up of time.The unsustainable weight.

The aftermath is surely to feel the elements as new again…the sun,rain,wind,snow for the first time in years can be felt.

Just some ideas i’m having for a relief sculpture based on control and gravity and natures way.It’s in the early stages still but i think i’m understanding where i am with it.

Is it so that after the surrender follows the attack and if so what follows the attack?…another surrender or a continued attack?No fool would choose to keep surrendering but equally where’s the joy in an attack?

I wish we could remove the sex from our human selves.

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All that I am and all I still could be

                                        I think I’ve finally finished this piece ready for casting next week.I borrowed the title from my sister Sofia, who used it to title two abstract paintings she exhibited in the summer. It made me think about how much potential there is in everyone. Now here is a quandry…..

I really dislike ‘closed’ thinking in people…the idea that it’s too late to become anyone different or new. The awful idea that you are who you are, so there’s no point in trying harder. I think we can confine ourselves with self imposed limitations that only exist within our own minds. Everybody is constantly changing and it’s never too late to become somebody  different….the essence will always remain. I found myself writing this line in my sketchbook “But for myself I could be great ”

But then also wouldn’t it be nice to stop and think maybe I’m already there and I’m already great.That this hour and this day is all there ever needs to be. I wonder if we ever know what it feels like to arrive, or do we all die trying to get somewhere else……..ideas of equanimity arise again.

I wrote this poem the other day which I think ties in with the same theme of human potential…though it’s not very positive….and it’s not how i feel about my own life…but there might be something in it.

  • Like a foolish understudy
  • The waiting of years
  • began to break.
  • Fenced and gated.
  • Remembering a song.
  • Lines etched patiently
  • like ploughed fields
  • against the sky.
  • Over and over
  • to show they still are.
  • But it was never going to come
  • that night of wonder.
  • The hour of glass and light.
  • The essence of his hope.

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Equanimity / Self Portrait

I’ve been working on a self portrait for the past week for an open competition.I wanted to see if I could sculpt from photographs and also couldn’t actually get anyone to model for me, so at the risk of looking like a flaming narcissist I thought I’d try to sculpt myself. I’m going to cast it into cement when it’s finished and paint the flowers in bright colours.What’s quite funny is that I showed these pictures to my work colleagues from my saturday shop job, and they laughed and said it was a familiar expression,as I’m always standing at the till and staring out the window into space.

I always forget how exciting it is to sculpt life size and lose all sense of time and place…once again I find myself occupying an imaginary world where I could fill a whole room with sculpted people….and who would they be?.. and what would they be thinking?

I’ve called this post  ‘Equanimity’ because it’s a state I think I reach when I’m left alone to sculpt….and it’s a state I’d like to be able to maintain in my ordinary life but, despite recently completing a mindfulness course, I rarely manage it. The definition of  equanimity is  “A state of stability or composure arising from a deep awareness and acceptance of the present moment.” Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel like that all the time and to understand that nothing is truly separate.

After thinking about this concept for a few days I found this interesting quote by an author called Patrick White. “Those who are doomed to become artists are seldom blessed with equanimity. They are tossed to drunken heights, only to be brought down to a sludge of headachy despair; their arrogance gives way to humiliation at the next curve of the switchback.”

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The Mist_ The Salt _ The Mud _ The Grain

These heads form a kind of timeline for me.They each represent something unique and collectively form a story.I keep thinking of the idea that the sum is greater than its parts and what this means.I’m not really sure myself what this piece means, but I know time is a leveler and that to remain curious is essential.

Individually the titles are; 1.Child/Ancient. 2.You Above. 3.No one at all. 4.A Hundred Years. 5&6. Tandem. 7.Borrowed Song.

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Anchor / Bird

This piece was inspired by the idea of polarity;the relation between opposed entities. It can be turned upside down and then the bird like form becomes an anchor. I became interested in the idea of balance between a dreamlike freedom and the need for stability and anchors in life. The idea that responsibility grounds you and is necessary, though the need to experience some personal freedom is also important. It also led me to think about the rise and fall of life and about spending time in the ‘tower’ and the ‘pit’……most of us visit both places at some point in our lives.

One other thought arose from this piece and that is the idea of lying on the ground and looking up at the evanescent beauty of the stars in the sky at the approach of dawn……..and as they pass out of sight, thinking about the starfish at the bottom of a dark ocean. The stars in the sky represent dreams and aspirations….the stars at the bottom of the ocean are real and tangible…..fantasy projections  and reality. Again it’s keeping a balance between the two. Well these are just some ideas that I had that I thought might shed some light on the piece.

It is a limited ed.of 25 cast in Crystacast plaster and available for £250.

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