The figure is an ongoing theme and inspiration for me.

“I  bought a beautiful panel of four relief heads from Lisa many years ago. It was one of those moments that a work jumps out at you as soon as you see it. Lisa’s work is eclectic. Her sensitive drawings are a perfect complement to the life size figures she sculpts, often using industrial materials – metal armatures, cement, resin, plaster, jesmonite. One of the beauties of Lisa’s work is the mystery of scale. Just to see a picture of one of Lisa’s sculptures in isolation does not give away the physical size of the piece.Small waxes of 20cm high can have the same presence as a bold, larger than life cement on metal figure.

…Lisa’s work has a true sense of creating an intense reality, always with a sense of expectancy concerning the figures which appear to be in a story, without any of us knowing what that story is.”

Richard – ‘The Art Lover’s House’, Mons, France.

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