Hello Katarina Rose

My Guest artist Katarina Rose is writing a collection of books centred around the heroic character of ‘Moltar’, the fortune telling mole. These are the 3-d illustrations for the books, and they each depict a particular anthropomorphic animal that has come to inhabit the field.

They are in sequence….

‘Lord Elgar’ is the budgie, who is a social climber and pathological liar. He claims to hail from Bainbridge Manor with a stirling education and refined palette…however it is highly likely that he comes from a Reading petshop.

‘Sholtar’ is the fake fortune teller, who thinks that if she looks just like ‘Moltar’ then she can somehow become a fortune teller herself. However the phrase ‘much in the window nothing in the room’ soon comes to describe this shrew and eventually she is forced to lead a more authentic life….as a flower arranger.

‘Vida’ is the squirrel artist who is unfortunately frenetic and very messy,but her heart is full of joy and she is one of the most entertaining creatures in the field. Her colours are everywhere and her thoughts always elsewhere…..she prefers to live alone as she believes, and she’s probably right, that no-one could live with her.

‘Medal Mouse’ is the egotistical mouse  who awards himself medals,trophies and cups for running around the field every morning and beating his own record. He cannot stop talking about himself and so sadly no-one stays in his home for any length of time.

‘The Great Pretender’ is a master of magic, levitation, hypnosis, escapology and all kinds of trickery.He visits the field once a year and disappears before anyone discovers who he really is, though some would say that if you get too close to him you will lose your own sense of self….the worst fate to befall anyone.

‘Moltar’ is a brave hero of a mole who battles a lifetime of mediocrity and conformity within the oppressively dull mole society…only to escape and live an extraordinary new life above ground. He helps all to discover their own  personal path to happiness and rarely feels any sense of personal loss at all…..he’s a wonderful creature.

‘Dr.Love’ is the doctor who collects all aspects of love to use as healing medicine for the sick and weak of mind…..but with an irrepressible evil streak that forces him to dish out poison from time to time. This continues for several years until he meets the seering eyes of moltar and begins to reform. There is another little piece to his lifes’ puzzle and that is that he begins to love and cherish Lord Elgars company more than he would like to admit.

‘Oshi’ is an albino mole who everyone thinks is a ghost…a victim of the power of the collective over the individual spirit, he spends his life as a depressed recluse. But one day he is spotted by moltar who knows immedietly that he is no ghost and his friendship alone transforms the life of oshi forever.

There will be about fifteen characters eventually…some in progress include ‘Rab’ the scottish rat who is best friends with Vida, and ‘Vermouth’ the creepy little tooth collector mouse who gets in and steals the teeth before the tooth fairy, and decorates his home with homemade tooth bunting…….children beware!

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