Latest Commission for La Bergerie de Terre Blanche

Here are my latest pieces in situ at the very wonderful property ‘La Bergerie de Terre Blanche, Tourettes, France.’ You can see more of the property on facebook.

I was fortunate to be able to site them myself and was able to see them standing (and sitting)in the landscape. It is a lovely peaceful setting for ‘Man of Roads’ and I hope that all the visitors to the property can enjoy a little respite sitting alongside him on the stone bench. I wonder if he’ll be talked to over the years?

 The ‘Eden’ pair seemed to have always meant to be there, too. It’s a strange feeling to leave my work behind me…what begins as a bag of cement and a collection of thoughts and feelings and ends as something so definite and solid….and there they are….. and I stop for a while to look…..then I’m already thinking about the next ones….

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