Snow Carving Tools!

Both me and my Snow Carving Team mate Kate have taken to lining up our tools and photographing them. I’ve never done something so particular….always thought I might be a man trapped in a female body…now this proves it. So these are the tools that we shall attempt to transform a 3 metre cube of compressed snow with. The competition is in Kiruna, Lapland and runs from 22nd Jan to the 25th. I expect there will be some internet coverage and I’m going to try to post some pictures but it might have to be when I return.

We have 3 days to finish it and plan to sculpt an oak leaf. I found inspiration from the phrase ‘Great oaks from little acorns grow’….keep thinking that all you need to do is take small steps and plant small seeds and then trust that life will do everything else. It’s going to be my motto for this year.

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